Boat & car rent

Rowing boat and car rental

Kalda Holiday House offers the possibility to rent a boat.
Boat rent
Car rent

Boat rent

You can rent motor and paddle boats with different sizes for fishing or just cruising. The boat could be rented together with trailer. Additional equipment – safety, fishing, entertainment (tubes) are available for renting.

Paddle Boat – Kiili 440 (2016) 5 eur/h (20 eur/24h)

Extra engine 5 hp. 5 eur/h (20 eur/24h)

Cursus 550 (2019) with engine 30 hp or 50 hp 20 eur/h (70 eur/24h)

Buster XL (2019) with engine 130 hp 40 eur/h (140 eur/24h)

For car rental please press the button below

Please contact us via e-mail for car rental services, specifying the car type, period and pick-up location.